Τρίτη 31 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

NAPALM DEATH - The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code

NAPALM DEATH - The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code

Century Media Records

Ever since 'Scum' and 'The Peel Sessions' came out, I was hooked on this band. Even though they play more death metal (especially on this one) it hasn't shyed me away from liking this band. So on 'The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code', you'll hear a more ND death metal approach to their music. Though there is blast beating by Danny on here, it's mostly just fast riffing that's mixed. This is more of a death metal approach to music on here, as opposed to the old line-up producing sheer and utter noise-grindcore. I kind of miss that about the band and thought that 'Harmony Corruption' (and still do) was their greatest times.

Δευτέρα 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

MOONREFLEX – Storm In All Universe

MOONREFLEX – Storm In All Universe


Το εξώφυλλο της πρώτης κυκλοφορίας των MOONREFLEX και δη ο τρόπος που ναι γραμμένο το λογότυπο της μπάντας σίγουρα παραπέμπουν σε  πιο ακραίες μορφές του metal ήχου. Προσωπικά πίστεψα ότι είχα να κάνω με ένα συγκρότημα που κινείται στο χώρο του black metal. Ίσως, όλο αυτό, να έγινε σκόπιμα για να δείξει την διάθεση των μελών του συγκροτήματος που είναι να δημιουργήσουν metal μουσική χωρίς τους περιορισμούς κάποιου συγκεκριμένου είδους.



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Πραγματικά τι να γράψεις γι' αυτό το αριστούργημα....

Δεν είναι απλά μια παραβολή για την Οκτωβριανή επανάσταση και του πως εξόκειλε από τις διακηρύξεις και τους στόχους της. Είναι μια παραβολή για το πως η εξουσία διαφθείρει και τους τρόπους - μεθόδους που χρησιμοποιεί για να παραπληροφορήσει τον κόσμο...

Ένα βιβλίο που ήταν, είναι και θα είναι επίκαιρο όσο οι κυβερνώντες θα χρησιμοποιούν τις ίδιες μεθόδους για να παραπληροφορούν και να χειραγωγήσουν την μάζα....

Ένα παραμύθι που αξίζει να διαβάσουν μικροί και μεγάλοι....

Κυριακή 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

MAYHEM - Daemon

MAYHEM - Daemon

Century Media Records

This is the first MAYHEM release that I've truly liked other than 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas'. Only a select few from this band that I enjoy, their latest 'Daemon' is a gem. It captures that eerie feel to it like the old, but is a little bit less grim. Being that Euronymous is dead doesn't matter on here, it's like a carrying off from where 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' left. The whole album is good. The music, production and vocals are just purely likeable especially if you like dark black metal. Some bands are even more depressing to listen to and don't listen to this on a dark day of yours unless you want to be more depressed.

Σάββατο 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

Οι παράξενοι εισβολείς

Οι παράξενοι εισβολείς

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Το πολύχρωμο εξώφυλλο και η ποιότητα της έκδοσης ίσως σας ξεγελάσει. Προσωπικά, κρίνοντας μόνο από το εξώφυλλο πίστευα ότι θα διάβαζα μια "πάλπ" ιστορία ανάλογη των ταξιδιών του Γκιούλιβερ. Ευτυχώς, όμως, που τα φαινόμενα απατούν.

Τετάρτη 25 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

MIDNIGHT TEARS released new video

Hungarian Doom/Groove Metal band MIDNIGHT TEARS released their new video clip "Scream" from their debut EP «Dr. Plague». The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at "MRC Studio" by ISzabo Marci. Video director Rózsa Tamás.

MIDNIGHT TEARS was formed in 2018 at Budapest, Hungary by Richard Oravecz (guitar) and David Vigh (drums). In the beginning of 2019 Istvan Gyula Toth (vocals) and Mark Domotor (bass) joined the band and the lineup was completed.

Ο άνθρωπος που έγινε Θεός

Ο άνθρωπος που έγινε Θεός

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Το βιβλίο "Ο άνθρωπος που έγινε Θεός" ξεκίνησα να το διαβάζω αρχές Οκτωβρίου και κατά περίεργη σύμπτωση το τελείωσα την παραμονή των Χριστουγέννων. Ο αργός ρυθμός ανάγνωσης του οφείλεται σε εμένα και όχι ότι το βιβλίο είναι κουραστικό ή "βαρύ" ανάγνωσμα.

Δευτέρα 23 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Red Before Black

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Red Before Black

Century Media Records

This album delivers everything that's essential in a death metal record: speed, gutteral vocals, great mixing/production, and just balls-out intensity. The riffs are totally fresh. Corpsegrinder is leader of the band setting the tone for yet another gruesome Cannibal Corpse release. This one is probably one of the better "newer" releases by this band. Not to say that their previous bombs, but it's just better sounding production-wise and better riff-writing. I think it's their strongest release since 'Torture'. Hopefully, they'll come out with some new music in 2020. With the whole ordeal relating to Pat O'Brien, I hope they do!

Παρασκευή 20 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

MADRA released debut album

Hungarian Doom/Black Metal band MADRA has released their new album «Bittersweet Temptation to Disappear Completely». The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at "Black Neptune Studio" by Henrik Sándor.

MADRA was formed in 2019 at Budapest, Hungary by Tamás Galántay (drums), Gabor Angeli (vocals, lyrics) and Henrik Sándor (Songwriting). The band texts talking about the struggles of pre-modernity and the failures of the simple life our ancestors lived.

Τετάρτη 18 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

Δευτέρα 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

HORRIFIED - Descent Into Putridity

HORRIFIED - Descent Into Putridity

Memento Mori

My impression initially was that this was going to be another labile, boring debut with a crap production. The production is kind of raw, but the music is good. I actually have acquired to like this album. I don't care if they changed their style of music with their follow-up album, this one is pretty decent death metal. The riffs are pretty unique. The album itself isn't very long, just about 30 minutes in length. So what sets this aside from other death metal albums, you may ask? The fact that the riffs are pretty original and catchy. The vocals are a bit raw sounding, low and somewhat muddled. But the music compliments the vocals greatly.

Κυριακή 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

BELLE MORTE released new single

Belarusian Symphonic/Gothic Metal band BELLE MORTE released a music video for their December single “Lace”. The track was recorded at "Ivory Studio" and mixed/mastered by Sergei Butovski. Lace is a dark lullaby. It's about broken things that can't be fixed. It's about the choices that can't be unmade. And it's about inevitability of death to all beautiful.

BELLE MORTE was formed in Minsk in 2015. The first band’s EP “Game on” was released in 2018 together with their first music video “Mercy”. “Lace” and previous singles “To Get Her” and “My Legacy” are going to be a part of the debut album, that is expected to be released in 2020.

Πέμπτη 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

SKELETHAL - Of The Depths...

SKELETHAL - Of The Depths...

Hells Headbangers Records

I cannot stop listening to this band/album! It reminds me a lot of early ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER and a later band FLESHCRAWL. Be that there are only two members in this act, they do a darn good job of supplying you of torturous, raw death metal. You'll most aptly be into them if you are into old Swedish/German death metal bands. They have devised resoundingly excellent riffs packed with solid lead guitar work. I'm not sure why they have so few reviews and the existing one on here rating in just a mere "C" rating. They deserve a much better number that reflects some original sounds/riffs. 

Τετάρτη 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2019



Ανεξάρτητη κυκλοφορία

Τελικά, ο μουσικός χρειάζεται να κάνει την «απιστία» του κάποια στιγμή προκειμένου να γεμίσει ξανά δημιουργικά τις μπαταρίες του. Κι όταν λέω απιστία εννοώ το να κινηθεί σε ένα μουσικό ύφος και είδος διαφορετικό από αυτό που υπηρετεί συνήθως.

Τρίτη 10 Δεκεμβρίου 2019


American Heavy Metal band PIERCING IMMORTALITY have released their new EP «Risen from the Ashes». The EP was recorded at "Dexters Lab Studios" and mixed by Nick Bellmore, mastered by Chris Zeus Harris.

PIERCING IMMORTALITY was formed in 2016 Bristol, Connecticut by guitarist Keith Pearson. In 2018 the band released their debut EP "Systematic Global Poisoning".

Πέμπτη 5 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

DARGOR released new single

Polish Black Metal band DARGOR released their new single «Crown», cover to Swiss Black Metal band "Samael". The single was recorded in "Regnat Studio", and mixed/mastered by Adrian Mięsowicz.

DARGOR was formed in 2017 as a one-man project at Krosno, Poland by Michal Kustra. Having a dream about creating music with inspirations from bands like Samael, Ajattara and Dimmu Borgir. In 2018 the band released the first single "Hellfire", and now working on the first debut EP that will be released in 2020.

Δευτέρα 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

IRON RIDER released debut EP

American Stoner/Doom Metal band IRON RIDER released their debut EP «Wondering If You're in Hell by Now».  The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Mead-Fox at "Spaceman Studios" in Brooklyn, New York.

IRON RIDER was formed in 2017 at Brooklyn, New York by Mark Grillo (Guitars, Vocals), Julian Agneta (Bass, Keyboards) and Michael Livathinopoulos (drums) who was later replaced by Doug Plisic.

Δευτέρα 25 Νοεμβρίου 2019

POST LUCTUM released debut EP

American Death/Doom Metal band POST LUCTUM released their debut EP «After Mourning». The EP was recorded in "Clawmaster Studios" and mixed/mastered by Daniel Weldon.

POST LUCTUM was formed in early 2019 at California, Maryland as a one-man project by Ian Goetchius who wanted to create a band with a combination of moody melodies and dark atmosphere, with lyrical themes and topics range from isolation and depression, to the paranormal and afterlife.

Τετάρτη 20 Νοεμβρίου 2019

FATE OF FAITH released debut album

Swiss Heavy Metal band FATE OF FAITH released their debut album «Black Heaven». The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at "RinoRecords" in Mels, Switzerland.

FATE OF FAITH was formed in 2016 at Bad Ragaz, Switzerland by Jonas Grünenfelder (vocal/guitar) and Dominique Ackermann (bass). In 2017 Noah Laternser (guitar) and Patrick Sahin (drums) joined the band, and the lineup was completed.

Παρασκευή 15 Νοεμβρίου 2019

WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS released new album

Chilean Doom/Death Metal band WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS released their new album «Conquering The Deep Cycle». The album was recorded in The Farm Studio (bass, guitars and vocals) and Audio Custom Studio (drums).  Mixed and Mastered in Ripo Studio by Richard Iturra.

WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS was formed in 2015 in Santiago, Chile and its debut album «Anfractuous Moments for Redemption» was released in March 2017. At present the band is formed by Alejandro Ruiz in vocals, Juan Acevedo and Alejandro Bravo in guitars, Mauricio Basso in drums and Mario Urra in bass, who embarked on their first European tour last September to show their last album.

Κυριακή 10 Νοεμβρίου 2019

LOGOS released debut album

Belorussian Melodic Heavy Metal band LOGOS released their debut album «What's Our Life?» (Что наша жизнь?) . The album was recorded in "Andrei Bogdanov Studio" and mixed/mastered by Dmitriy Mikulich.

LOGOS was formed in 2019 at Brest, Belarus by Andrei Bantysh (keyboards). After the album was recorded Yury Kharevich (vocal), Vitaly Kozlov (guitar), Vasily Rechkin (bass) and Sergei Ruchkin (drums) joined the band, and the lineup was completed.

Τετάρτη 6 Νοεμβρίου 2019

TEMPLE released debut album

Swiss Black Metal band TEMPLE released their debut album «The Last Pact». The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in "Raven Dust Studios" and released thru "Narbentage Produktionen" for tape release, and will be released in December at "WolfMoon Production".

TEMPLE is a band from Switzerland born in 2018 as a duo project. The singer is Astaroth Excelsi, also singer from the band "Malphas". Rest of the arrangement is played by Raven Dust, guitarist from the bands "Malphas" and "Chotza".

Παρασκευή 1 Νοεμβρίου 2019

OZNOR released debut album

Slovakian Heavy Metal band OZNOR released their debut album «Stormbringer». The album was recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Norbert Ozogany at "Oznor Studio".

OZNOR was formed in 2019 in Samorin, Slovakia by Norbert Ozogany as a one-man instrumental studio project. The band already starts the work on the second album that will be released in 2020.

Σάββατο 26 Οκτωβρίου 2019

MIDNIGHT TEARS released debut EP

Hungarian Doom/Groove Metal band MIDNIGHT TEARS released their debut EP «Dr. Plague». The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at "MRC Studio" by ISzabo Marci.

Τρίτη 22 Οκτωβρίου 2019


MILTOS MARATHON - Orthodox Guitar


«Κρατάει χρόνια αυτή η κολόνια»… νομίζω είναι ένας στίχος που ταιριάζει απόλυτα για την γνωριμία  μου με την μουσική του κιθαρίστα – ανθρώπου ορχήστρα Μίλτιάδη Χαλκίδη. Ο οποίος, παρεμπιπτόντως, είναι ένας πολύ ωραίος τύπος και ενσαρκώνει όλα αυτά που προσωπικά εκτιμώ σε έναν μουσικό, ήτοι ταλέντο αλλά και σεμνότητα.

Δευτέρα 21 Οκτωβρίου 2019

DEATHROLL released new lyrics video

Japanese Black Metal band DEATHROLL released their new lyrics video for the single «Holy Murder» from their new album "A Sick Life" that was released in September at "STF-Records". The single was recorded in "clubSONICiwaki Studios", mixed/mastered by Japanese local engineers, and the video was made by Lufra Studio.

Παρασκευή 18 Οκτωβρίου 2019

WANTED INC. – Embarrassment to the Establishment Review

WANTED INC. – Embarrassment to the Establishment

All Against All Records

I really love all these new wave of thrash metal bands from Germany. The past 10 years they are mostly dedicated to delivering what they really want to do and professionally the whole process of production up until handing the merch is superb. I mean great stuff the way we really want it.

Τετάρτη 16 Οκτωβρίου 2019

TIAVARA released new single

Russian Progressive Metal band TIAVARA released their new single «Dazed». The single was recorded at "RDM Studios" and mixed/mastered by Nikolai Grebenyuk. This single is the first song from an upcoming album that is set to be released in 2020.

Δευτέρα 14 Οκτωβρίου 2019

ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΣΗ DARKSTONE - Kings of the Condemned

DARKSTONE - Kings of the Condemned


Εκτιμώ ιδιαίτερα εκείνα τα συγκροτήματα που ομολογούν ότι παίζουν μουσική γιατί γουστάρουν αυτό που κάνουν και η μόνη τους φιλοδοξία είναι να περάσουν καλά και να κάνουν και το κοινό – ακροατήριο τους να περάσει καλά. Τέτοια είναι, λοιπόν, και η περίπτωση των Άγγλων DARKSTONE που έχουν έδρα τους το Βόρειο Μάντσεστερ.

Σάββατο 12 Οκτωβρίου 2019


ARDITYON – Ardityon


Πραγματικά, μου δίνει ιδιαίτερη χαρά να παρουσιάζω τις κυκλοφορίες νέων συγκροτημάτων γιατί νιώθω ότι με κάποιο τρόπο συμβάλλω κι εγώ στο να γίνουν γνωστότερα στο ευρύτερο metal κοινό, αλλά διατηρώ και την ελπίδα ότι όταν κάποια στιγμή καταφέρουν να πετύχουν θα με θυμηθούν και θα έχουν έναν καλό λόγο να πουν. Αλλά να μην σας κουράζω με την φλυαρία μου.

Πέμπτη 10 Οκτωβρίου 2019

WITNESSES released new EP

American Melodic Doom Metal band WITNESSES released their new EP «To Disappear and to Be Nothing». The EP was recorded in "Feedback Studios" by Ken "Lazzo" Lasso, mixed at "The Oak Lodge" by Greg Schwan and mastered by at Doug Milton from "9250AV Studios".

Τετάρτη 9 Οκτωβρίου 2019

REDSHIFT released debut album

British Progressive Metal band REDSHIFT released their debut album «Cataclysm». The album was recorded in "Axe and Trap Studios", mixed by Ben Turner, and mastered by Jamie King.

Τετάρτη 2 Οκτωβρίου 2019

KALT WEISS released debut album

Austrian Avant-garde Black Metal band KALT WEISS released their debut album «Serotonin». The album was recorded in "Kvltstick Studios", mixed by Nikita Kamprad and mastered by Simon Hawemann at "Sludge Studios".