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STARBLIND – Dying Son review

 STARBLIND – Dying Son
Pure Steel Records
In the 90’s Sweden was a country which gave birth to many melodic death metal bands and many of them actually are huge names in our days (like IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILLITY). The past few years Sweden has become the capital of what we say new wave of traditional heavy metal and gave us so many good bands whose their popularity grows day by day (ENFORCER, ROCKA ROLLAS, AIR RAID and so many others). STARBLIND belong to this movement and they are ready to strike back with their sophomore album entitled “Dying Son”.

ENVENOMED – Evil Unseen review

 ENVENOMED – Evil Unseen
Punishment 18 Records
It seems that there in Australia they start to build a new heavy metal scene based on the traditional metal teachings. ENVENOMED are a band that released in 2014 their debut album entitled “Evil Unseen” as an independent release. It seems that the album earned some popularity and also its quality made Punishment 18 Records make a deal with these guys and re – release it. So, let me tell you my own impressions after listening to this album.

CHASTAIN – We Bleed Metal review

 CHASTAIN – We Bleed Metal
Pure Steel Records
Heavy metal gave a whole of a different meaning to musical instruments that were used in the past in different musical genres. I think that it proved you can play as extreme you want and yet be technical and melodic (people who still consider this sound as noise, have never been into music in my opinion). In this genre there were some exceptional musicians that were and still are the guiding light for the next generation. I think that David Chastain was and still is such a guitarist who not only offered us through the years great tunes and skillful guitar playing, but also discovered and promoted guitarists who are now considered the next big thing in heavy metal. On the other hand this band also has a magnificent female singer and I mean Leather Leone who along with Jutta Weinhold (ZED YAGO) set the standards of how a female heavy metal singer should sound. So, here we are and CHASTIAN are releasing their new album with the simple and yet full of meaning title “We Bleed Metal” and I feel very happy to write a few words about it.

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MADHOUSE – You Want More review

 MADHOUSE – You Want More
MADHOUSE is a word that rings a happy bell in every mertalhead’s mind especially if you are fan of bands like ARMORED SAINT and ANTHRAX. I have to admit that there is where my mind went when I saw the name of this Italian band. Musically though the guys have nothing to do with the heavy metal sound since they move in the vast fields of rock music where my knowledge is limited I have to admit. This is their first effort which included 4 songs and comes with the self confident title “You Want More”. So let us see if we agree on that…

OPERA – La Ruota Del Destino review

 OPERA – La Ruota Del Destino
Qua’ Rock Records
Opera is a theatrical play where the participants instead of talking sing. My description might not be elegant, but at least this is how I see it. This musical genre was created in Italy and of course it is inspired by the ancient Greek tragedy. I think that the band used this name in order to honor the tradition of their country, since they are from Italy, but mostly because their music has a theatrical dimension without becoming symphonic. I think that this has intrigued you, so let me proceed to the presentation of the band’s new album under the title “La Ruota Del Destino”.

AS DARKNESS DIES - As Darkness Dies review

AS DARKNESS DIES - As Darkness Dies
Pure Steel Records
From the ashes of the old something new will rise. These lines came up to my mind when I read the short bio of the band. AS DARKNESS DIES is the continuation of the band GRAVEN IMAGE (not the known 80’s U.S. metal band). Under that name they have already released an album with the title “The Future Started Yesterday”. Back then the band was playing thrash/power metal, but for reasons known only to them they thought to make a new start and their new start comes with the name AS DARKNESS DIES and I am here to present to you their debut album with the same title.

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MY REFUGE – A Matter of Supremacy review

 MY REFUGE – A Matter of Supremacy
Bakerteam Records
MY REFUGE is a band from Italy. They were formed in 2010 and they have already released 2 EPs in 2010 and 2013. “A Matter of Supremacy” is their debut full length album and it was released in June 2015. I am really interested in finding new bands and when these guys asked me to listen to their album and write my impressions about it, I could not refuse. So here we are…   

POWER THEORY – Driven By Fear review

 POWER THEORY – Driven By Fear
Pure Steel Records
Fear as all emotions humans have, has both good and bad aspects. It is a feeling that helps mankind to survive, but when it rules over all the other emotions it can be destructive. It is also known that by applying fear to the masses you can manipulate them easier. I think, without being sure, that POWER THEORY had these things in mind when they were creating this album which is their third and with a new singer (Jeff Rose). I can only make assumptions about the title of their album (since I don’t have the lyrics), but for one thing I am sure; POWER THEORY were driven by heavy metal when they were creating this release.

DRAGONHEART – The Battle Sanctuary review

 DRAGONHEART – The Battle Sanctuary
Pitch Black Records
The Brazilian metal scene, for those who know the southern American metal scene, is a scene that has quality with lots of talented bands that wait from the rest of the word to be discovered. Also, based on my opinion, the metal scene of this country is mainly inspired by the German metal scene. DRAGONHEART from Brazil is a band that I know from the past and actually I like a lot (I have purchased their sophomore album and also for a friend as a gift). So, I am really happy to see that the band is active and they will release 10 years after their last album their new work which has the title “The Battle Sanctuary”.

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STORMLURKER – A Dark Formation review

 STORMLURKER – A Dark Formation
It is proven by life that creative people can’t be restricted in only one specific thing; instead they search to channel their creativity in many different ways. I think that my friend Deryck whom for the first time I met with NORSELAW is such a person. Actually he is a talented and well skilled guitarist, but also a composer that dares to improvise with the traditional forms of heavy metal without getting out of the fields of this sound whose also is a big fan of. Now, having next to him Stan Martell on the bass and Austin Lane on drums he formed the band STORMLURKER and “Dark Formation” is their debut release and an introduction to their music.

FRANK X – The Project: Earth review

 FRANK X – The Project: Earth
FRANK X come from Canada which, by the way, is a country that most of the times has to give something interesting in heavy metal. Francois, the musician that is behind this project is a multi talented person since he has studied music and in specific how to create score music (keep that in mind), but he also has directed and acted in some films and of course did their soundtrack. This creative mind is also a fan of heavy metal and in this release which I will present to you here he combines all his above mentioned talents to create a concept story that even the Monty Pythons or Douglas Adams would envy…

SCAVANGER - Rise of the Scarab review

 SCAVANGER - Rise of the Scarab
The band was formed in Germany in 2001 and they started as a cover school band under the name SCAVENGER. It seems that somehow they realized the existence of other bands with the same name and changed it into SCAVANGER. So far they have released two full length albums under the title “Giving Entrance” in 2010 and “Between the Devil and the Sea” in 2011. Now, 4 years after the release of their sophomore album SCAVANGER have their new album ready under the title “Rise of the Scarab” which will be released on 16th October 2015.       

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LUCUMA - Destruye La Ciudad Psicológica review

 LUCUMA - Destruye La Ciudad Psicológica
Lucuma is a word that in Greek makes you think of a sweet full of sugar that we have here and it is very tasty (looks a bit like a donut). The word though also applies to an eatable product of the nature. Lucuma is a subtropical fruit native to the Andean valleys. I believe that LUCUMA who come from Argentina have taken their name from this fruit. All this talking about food might open your appetite, but we are here to talk about music and I am here to present to you the sophomore release of the band that has the title “Destruye La Ciudad Psicológica” which in English means destroy the psychological city. I think it is a bizarre and yet interesting title. 

MAZE OF TERROR – Ready to Kill review

 MAZE OF TERROR – Ready to Kill
Empire Records
MAZE OF TERROR is a band from Peru, but I can say that in a way they have a relation with Greece. The band was formed in 2011 and so far they released in 2012 an EP under the title “Skullcrusher” and a split CD in 2015 with AMKEN the Greek thrash metal band that you should also check out (and this is the Greek connection I mentioned above). The band after all these felt ready to try to release a full length album and the result of this effort is the full of meaning album “Ready to Kill” which I will present to you here….  

VARDIS - 200 M.P.H. EP review

VARDIS - 200 M.P.H. EP
Hoplite Records
A couple of years ago in a second hand bazaar a vinyl drew my attention. I liked its cover on which you can see a guitarist on stage playing with such passion that immediately is transmitted to the viewer. This made me decide to buy it (along with the cheap price) and the album was “100 M.P.H.” of VARDIS which was recorded live. This was one of the best purchases I’ve made since VARDIS were one of the first bands of the N.W.O.B.H.M. sound and on the album you can feel the passion and the new ideas that this musical movement brought to the heavy metal sound. So, I am really happy to see that such a metal legend from the past (they were formed in 1977) is back and releasing a new EP which I will present to you here…

OPEN ACCESS - Over a Mountain Peak review

 OPEN ACCESS - Over a Mountain Peak
OPEN ACCESS is the kind of a band name that can’t give you a clear hint of the musical genre that the band plays. Probably you can imagine that they belong to the progressive or even to thrash metal genre, but believe me you are wrong. OPEN ACCESS is a band formed in Poland in 2013 and musically they move on the folk metal genre. Their first work is this EP which was released in May 2015 and has the title “Over a Mountain Peak”; A proper name for a folk metal release.

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ACID DEATH Interview

1. Hello! How are you? How are things in the ACID DEATH camp at the moment?

Hello! Thanks for this presentation! Things in ACID DEATH's camp are really fine! We are working for promoting our new album, waiting also for the re-releases of "Pieces of Mankind" and "Random's Manifest"... arranging the next live dates... there are many things that have to be done!

ACID DEATH Interview 2012

1. First of all I’d like you to fill us in on what’s happening in the ACID DEATH camp at the moment.

Hello and thank you for this presentation! Yes, ACID DEATH are back after 11 years without an official release. “Eidolon” CD is out since June 1st. At the moment we are preparing the live appearances in Greece for next season. Things seem to be in a right way and a lot of work has to be done.
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MACBETH – Imperium review

 MACBETH – Imperium
Massacre Records
MACBETH might have had a lot of problems when they were a metal band on the Eastern Communistic Germany, but they have somehow managed to survive and now in the 30th anniversary of the band they are ready to release their fourth full length album under the title “Imperium”. Before we proceed to the presentation of the album let us see what “Imperium” means according to Wikipedia: “Imperium is a Latin word which, in a broad sense, translates roughly as 'power to command'. In ancient Rome, different kinds of power or authority were distinguished by different terms. Imperium referred to the sovereignty of the state over the individual”. I think the topic of the album is close to the philosophy of the band who as it mentions on the bio sheet “the songs of MACBETH tell unholy, demonic and insane stories and offer a glimpse into the depths of the human soul”. Ok, enough with that and let the music do the talking…

REBELLION – Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd - The History of the Saxons review

 REBELLION – Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd - The History of the Saxons
Massacre Records
I think most of you know the history of the band. They were created by former GRAVE DIGGER members and this also explains the name of the band. In 2010 the band reached the point of disbanding, but somehow and with the support of their fans they managed to stand on their feet with a new line – up. All these led us to new releases and this one is their latest. REBELLION’s trademark of course is the creation of concept albums based on the history and myths of ancient tribes most of them of Teutonic/Germanic origin. So, this time their album is based on the story of the Saxons. The Saxons (Latin: Saxones, Old English: Seaxe, Old Saxon: Sahson, Low German: Sassen, German: Sachsen, Dutch: Saksen) were a confederation of Germanic tribes on the North German Plain. They settled in large parts of the Great Britain in the early Middle Ages and formed part of the merged group of Anglo-Saxons who eventually organised the first united Kingdom of England. Many Saxons however remained in Germany, where they resisted the expanding Frankish Empire through the leadership of the semi-legendary Saxon hero, Widukind (Taken from Wikipedia). The main topic here is the fight of the Saxons against the Frankish Empire, but the band also mentions the conquest of the Saxons on Great Britain. Enough with the history lessons and let us talk about the album…


Italy is a country with a strong heavy metal and hard rock scene throughout all the decades that these kinds of sound exist. The most interesting thing though with Italy is that it also gave us some bands that can be described as innovative in the hard rock and heavy metal sound. I think that NERO ALCHEMIST who is actually a one man band is such a group. It was formed in 2008 by Silvestro Ascari and on the same year the band released their first demo under the title “Experiments Vol. I”. Their new full length album, which I will present to you here, has the simple and meaningful title “Vol. II” and it is an effort of 2 years. So let us see what you can expect here…

FAKE HEALER – Two Worlds review

 FAKE HEALER – Two Worlds
This is the debut album of a new band formed by very experienced and skillful musicians. FAKE HEALER are from Italy and were formed in 2014. Most of the members are known to me from their works with their previous bands; Bands such as the progsters JUGLANS REGIA and the metallers FROZEN TEARS (a band that every JUDAS PRIEST fan out there should check out). All these made me really happy and anxious to listen to the sound of their new band and so I’ll try to describe it to you through words.