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DANZIG - III - How the Gods Kill Review

DANZIG - III - How the Gods Kill

Def American Recordings

A solid follow-up to the awe-inspiring “II – Lucifuge”, DANZIG hits the heavy metal scene again circa 1992, but hey, it's never too late to celebrate a 25 year anniversary of a well appreciated release. Glenn is back at it with his notorious vocal outputs and the rest of the band that was with them for the first three albums as well. So yeah, you'll hear the heavy blues influenced John Christ, the rubble ling of Eerie Von's bass, and sick drum outputs by Chuck Biscuits. The music is quite admirable, notably "Dirty Black Summer." There were more, but that one (to me) stood out the most out of the whole album. The tempos vary, some songs are slow, meaning tempo-wise. Some filled with vigor. All of them are very dark indeed though. But that's what the whole reason for this concept that they've chosen for the album.

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Το Σάβανο του Ιήσου είναι μια έρευνα του συγγραφέα Ian Wilson που έχει σπουδάσει Ιστορία στην Οξφόρδη για το αν η σινδόνη του Τουρίνου είναι πράγματι το σάβανο του Ιησού μετά τον μαρτυρικό του θάνατο στο σταυρό. Η σινδόνη εμφανίζεται για πρώτη φορά στον δυτικό κόσμο το 1300 μ.Χ. και ο συγγραφέας προσπαθεί να ανακαλύψει αν υπήρξε προγενέστερη αναφορά της στην ιστορία. Καταλήγει στο συμπέρασμα, μέσα από αποδείξεις - ενδείξεις που επικαλείται, αλλά και τα αποτελέσματα κάποιων επιστημονικών ερευνών που έγιναν στο λινό αυτό ύφασμα, ότι η σινδόνη είναι το Μανδήλιον του Χριστού που ανακαλύφθηκε στην Έδεσσα και μεταφέρθηκε στην Κωνσταντινούπολη περί το 900 μ.Χ. και εκ των υστέρων ότι είναι το κεφάλι για το οποίο κατηγορήθηκαν οι Ναϊτες ότι προσκυνούσαν.

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KILL FOR METAL – Vol. I Presentation

Killer Metal Records
When YouTube and of course other sites like that entered our lives and sharing videos became an easy task, this also affected the metal fans too. We have reached a point where many people in our days listen to music directly from the above mentioned sites. This leads also many bands to create video – clips in order to promote their music since the power of image is irresistible. Having all these in mind, I believe, this is why Killer Metal Records released this DVD which has over an hour of duration and includes video clips of some of the bands that belong to its roster (it would be nice if they could include videos or live footage from all of their bands, but maybe this will happen in their next release).

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SODOM - Decision Day Review

SODOM - Decision Day
Steamhammer Records
This one is definitely a step-up from “Epitome of Torture”, it just has more energy to it and is catchier. I'll admit that I only have 2 SODOM albums in my collection. I've never been a huge fan until “Agent Orange” came out some 20+ years ago... then my interest faded after succeeding albums with lineup changes left me in disinterest with the band. But I tried “Epitome of Torture” and just ultimately didn't care for much. I feel that “Decision Day” is filled with good lyrics, fresh riffs, good leads and cool vocals by Tom Angelripper. I think that this is one of their best albums that I've heard by them. Helped a little with technology, the production quality is superb and the music just says it all. It's simply original sounding and has a lot of balls to it.

Δευτέρα 23 Οκτωβρίου 2017

AGE OF DISCLOSURE – To the Universe Review

AGE OF DISCLOSURE – To the Universe
    Kunz Soundcorp.
It seems that Adriano Troiano (bass player) is a musician that participates in most of the interesting metal bands that come from Switzerland, although AGE OF DISCLOSURE is not exactly his own band as DISTANT PAST is (if you like traditional heavy metal with progressive touches you should check them out). AGE OF DISCLOSURE actually were formed when the guitarist and songwriter Ben Sollberger decided to professionally record some of the many songs that he had written in the past. The catalyst which helped him to make his dream a reality was Adriano Troiano with the huge experience he has in the metal scene (he was also a member of the great band EMERALD). So, the cooperation of these two musicians led to the realization of this album in which four singers participate amongst the other musicians.

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LETHAL SHOCK - Evil Aggressor Review

LETHAL SHOCK - Evil Aggressor
Witches Brew Records
A very METALLICA – “Kill ‘em All” based release...with a better production of course. This is a debut album, it's only about 30 minutes in length, but it sure kicks butt. I can't relate to the lyrics, but the vocals were just OK, the music I'm more keyed into than anything else on here. The guitars just kick total ass. For a debut, this sure is one to appreciate. The music is speed sort of style of metal and it has a good mixing/production sound to it. It's one of 2016's better releases by a band. This album just simply rips from beginning to end.

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ESSENZA - Blind Gods and Revolutions Review

ESSENZA - Blind Gods and Revolutions
SG Records
In the search I did, I found out that there are two bands with the same name both coming from Italy. The one that plays black metal and doesn’t exist anymore and the one that I am about to present to you that has many years of existence, although I only learned about them with this release.

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KREATOR - Gods of Violence Review

KREATOR - Gods of Violence
Nuclear Blast Records
Now this far outweighs “Phantom Antichrist”, big time. This is another KREATOR album that's melodic, filled with hateful lyrics, Mille's unique vocals and music that's just totally kick ass. These guys really did a number with this one. I think it was worth the wait. Mille said in an interview that metal can be "spiritual" which I totally agree with. And that he picks out music that's like no one else's except for KREATOR. What he is implying is that it's all his own creation when writing songs, the whole process. A lot of bands are bankrupt of ideas and turn to other artists/composers just to make and sell an album. KREATOR isn't like this. Sure they've gone through musical changes over the years but yeah now they're back to their roots in thrash metal and they have been.

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PECTORA – Redemption Review

PECTORA – Redemption
There are some countries that we don’t listen to very often in the metal scene, but when they pop up they have something interesting to give. Denmark for example is a country that might not have the quantity of metal bands of other countries, but definitely has the quality that many would envy. This is the country of PECTORA who in early 2017 released their second 5 track EP (they have also released in 2013 the EP entitled “Burgeon of Hate”) entitled “Redemption”.

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VEKTOR - Terminal Redux Review

VEKTOR - Terminal Redux
Earache Records
This album resembles “Outer Isolation”, but to me it's better. It's lengthy too, clocking in over an hour long. Progressive thrash which isn't my type of genre but the music is so awesome on this album. Way technical guitar work. The only thing that I don't like about the album or band are the vocals. They sort of shriek. The guitars make up for that. I suppose that THAT is the concept behind the music, is the vocals to try to match the guitar work. I would presume that's the case. Otherwise, I'd say get different vocals. The guitars are so technical here and really perfection to the tee. It's amazing the leads and music overall.

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PAOLO BALTARO – The Day after the Night before Review

PAOLO BALTARO – The Day after the Night before
Banksville Records Company
I am not used to receiving a vinyl as a promo. Most of the labels have us used to digital promos. So this is something that I will remember and of course something that impressed me. However, this doesn’t mean that someone can “bribe” me with such a move (but you can try if you want to hehehe). So let me get to the point… this is a release of Paolo Baltaro from Italy who I have never known before this release, although he has achieved some great accomplishments in his career as the award of best progressive of the year2010 by the Prog Award Webzine. But besides that he is a musician that can play all the instruments, someone with a restless spirit that can feel satisfaction in a specific genre. So, if you do a research in his career you will find out that he has played from experimental nu-jazz to punk rock and in 2016 he even released a book that soon will be translated in the English language. If you are not impressed, personally I am.