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1. Hello. How are you? Which is the news from the CONCRETE SWINE camp at the moment?

Doing fine, thank you. No news is good news. At the moment we are working on some new stuff and planning some gigs for the future. There it is on a nutshell. Our hammond player Tomi Korpela also joined in as a permanent member, so we are also excited about that.

CHILDREN OF SERAPH - Children of Seraph EP review

 CHILDREN OF SERAPH - Children of Seraph EP
CHILDREN OF SERAPH is a new band that was formed in Tacoma Washington (U.S.A.) in 2013 by the guitarist Nathanyel Nieves. The band started as a cover glam metal band, but very soon they realized that they were doing something wrong (just kidding) and searched a musical style of expression that seemed more proper to their taste. This kind of genre is the power metal sound and this is in a few lines how their first EP, which is also the first official release of the band, was created.

SERPENT – Ablation EP review

 SERPENT – Ablation EP
Into Endless Chaos Records
Sometimes I really have the feeling that we have travelled back in time and I mean musically. There are many bands these past few years that create a sound that draws inspiration directly from the 80’s heavy metal sound. The rare thing though is to find bands that manage to experiment with a sound that we consider classic and create something unique and I think that SERPENT from Germany belong to the team of such bands. I will try to give you a verbal taste of their new EP here…

CONCRETE SWINE Interview 2013

 Genre: Hard Rock/Blues Metal

1. Hello! You are back with a new E.P. entitled “Brezhnev's Cocktail”. How do you feel about it? Which are your expectations from it?

Hey, what’s up? Well, we hope that the new stuff is better and we can get more people to listen our music. We have realistic expectations and we don’t have big rock star dreams or stupid shit like that.

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Interview with Michael Harris of DARKOLOGY.

1. Hello. How are you? How are things in the DARKOLOGY camp at the moment?

Excellent. We’re just kind of chilling & promoting our record, while hoping to hop on a tour or some festivals soon. We will have a 2nd video out as well in 2016, for the title track, and maybe more.

DEAD HUMAN FACTORY – Brutal Death Execution review

 DEAD HUMAN FACTORY – Brutal Death Execution
Greece has a tradition in extreme metal and over the years it has given birth to a great deal of bands. One of the oldest that still remains around is DEAD HUMAN FACTORY hailing from Athens, Greece, formed in 1999 and still continuing its course. To be honest with you I thought they had called it quits since their previous release was a demo titled “International Net Corpses” in 2009. 

TULSADOOM - Storms of the Netherworld review

 TULSADOOM - Storms of the Netherworld
Nihilistic Empire Records
Thulsa Doom was the evil magician that two heroes of the mighty Robert E. Howard had to confront and I mean Kull and Conan. It seems that both these warriors didn’t do a good work since Thulsa managed to survive and use his special black arts in musical craftsmanship. The result of his sinister art is the band TULSADOOM which has recently released their second album (almost 3 years after their debut entitled “Barbarian Steel”) and carries the title “Storms of the Netherworld”. So let us ride the storm and see what thrills it will offer us…

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RIPPER - Third Witness review

RIPPER - Third Witness
Black Widow Records
Ripper is a great name for a heavy metal band, don’t you agree? It sounds violent and sinister and if you manage to make your music sound like this then you probably have chosen the right name.  RIPPER comes from the U.S.A. and their story goes back in 1977. They split up in 1990 and they reformed in 2005. During their career they have released 3 full length albums and the third one is the release that I will present to you here.

SPETTRI - 2973 La Nemica Dei Ricordi review

 SPETTRI - 2973 La Nemica Dei Ricordi
Black Widow Records
This band is actually the history of the hard rock and heavy metal music. What do I mean? We all know BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE and URIA HEEP, but in the same era there were also bands in other countries like Italy (from where SPETTRI are) that moved on the same sound. SPETTRI for example where formed in 1964. In 1972 they managed to release an album which was poorly produced and for that reason never got the attention it was worth. However in 2011 Black Widow Records re – released it and because of the interest that it drew they have also released the continuation of this album which is the one that I will present to you here.

ABATTOIR – Vicious Attack review

 ABATTOIR – Vicious Attack 
Marquee Records
The 80’s is an era that has marked the heavy metal sound, since most of the genres we know now were formed back then. In the mid 80’s there were bands that wanted to play loud and fast without being categorized as thrash metal. I think that this is how the speed metal sound was formed and here I have for you a perfect representative of this sound. 

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CONCRETE SWINE – Siberia Jam 74 EP review

 CONCRETE SWINE – Siberia Jam 74 EP
What makes this music so special is a question that can take a lot of answers. In my opinion metal music is a great musical genre that has a lot variety for every taste, but above all it started as an experimentation of blues music (according to BLACK SABBATH) and I think that experimentation is a key element for the existence of this music. We might approve of these experimentations or we might not, but if you think clearly then you will see that all these experimentations lead us to the variety of genres in this music. CONCRETE SWINE from Finland is such a band and the interesting thing with them is that they try to combine musical styles of the past in order to create a contemporary and vivid sound. 

TSVET REPTILIA - Nomen Mihi Legio Est, Quia Multi Sumus review

 TSVET REPTILIA - Nomen Mihi Legio Est, Quia Multi Sumus
Extreme metal music isn’t the prerogative of northern cold countries only, but it can flourish and find fertile ground even in hot climates. TSVET REPTILIA is a bright example of what I just said since they hail from the United Arab Emirates and more specifically they come from Dubai. This quintet was formed in 2002 so as you can see it took them a long time, actually thirteen years if we want to be precise to release their debut work. 

DISBOKATOR – Terror in Dreamland EP review

 DISBOKATOR – Terror in Dreamland EP
In our days we experience many difficult situations around the world that make you think that the world we live in is in danger every moment by some lunatic or by mad driven politicians that their only beliefs lie upon Machiavelli’s teachings. Our planet is a dreamland and there is no doubt about it, however there are many horrors and terrors that live within it.

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FIERCE ATMOSPHERES – Forsaken (Single) review

 FIERCE ATMOSPHERES – Forsaken (Single)
The story of FIERCE ATMOSPHERES and our zine goes way back. It is a band that has impressed me back then by their musical knowledge and their ability to transform it into good songs and they do impress me now. The only thing that makes me wonder is why this band has not become yet known or have a cult status amongst the metal fans.

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MILTOS MARATHON – Greek Fill review

Little Room Recording
I’ve known Miltos for a long time and if you are reading my webzine then you will know that I have presented his previous works as well. Miltos is a guitarist whose roots can be found in the 70’s rock sound and the blues; however this didn’t restrain him as an artist. On the contrary he is a guitar player that constantly searches to expand his horizons and mix his rock and blues influences with other elements. “Greek Fill” is his new work and is released by his own label. So let me tell you a few things about it…

ACID DEATH – Hall of Mirrors review

 ACID DEATH – Hall of Mirrors
7hard Records
ACID DEATH is definitely one of the oldest metal bands of Greece and we’re not just talking about an ordinary band but rather about a true underground gem that has progressed and evolved a lot through the years. They didn’t remain stagnant, but they kept expanding and experimenting within the death metal genre.

SUICIDE WATCH – Global Warning review

SUICIDE WATCH – Global Warning
Marquee Records
The band SUICIDE WATCH comes from the United Kingdom and they were formed in 2003 by musicians that wanted to create politicized thrash metal music. In 2005 they released their debut live album entitled “Live Winter Death” and in the same year they also released their debut studio album under the title “Global Warning”. Marquee Records gives us the chance to listen to these two albums again in this CD release.

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Πέμπτη 5 Νοεμβρίου 2015

FFERYLLT – Achanterez review

 FFERYLLT – Achanterez
Stygian Crypt Productions
I like folk metal; I like the blend of traditional melodies and tunes with the heavier metal music. Still there are way too many bands out there delivering this kind of music, I think the scene is oversaturated and few manage to achieve an outstanding or at least an interesting end result.

CRAFTYCELL – The Swimmer review

 CRAFTYCELL – The Swimmer
Qua Rock Records
This is a release I don’t feel very confident to present since I don’t have much knowledge about the dark wave/industrial sound, but I will try to do my best. CRAFTYCELL are from Italy and they were formed in 2012 with the intention of the band members to experiment with music and create a sound that can express their rebellious idea. “The Swimmer” is their debut album and let me tell you a few things about it…

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Answers: Deryck Heignum
1. Hello! How are you? How are things over there?

Hey Nick!  I'd like to start off by thanking you for your support over the years.  I felt like I've done much of my work in a vacuum and without your support it would of been tough to get a bearing or satisfaction in what I'm doing.  Obviously I haven't been motivated by great commercial success so a critical ear and intelligent feedback has meant a great deal.  A lot of these guys with the Youtube channels claim to be about the underground but are really just straight up posers who won't give you the time of the day unless you can get them a lot of hits.  Hail to you for really working hard for the metal underground and giving us a pulse!

VIETAH – Czornaja Cvil review

 VIETAH – Czornaja Cvil
Stygian Crypt Productions / Possession Productions
“Czornaja Cvil” is VIETAH’s fourth studio release coming only a year after “Tajemstvy Noczy” proving that the mastermind behind this group is a prolific songwriter that intensifies his pace after a four year gap between his sophomore and third work.

GIORGIO ROVATI – It’s Time review

I think that it is time to find someone that knows to play the guitar and musical theory in order to present such a release like this. Anyway, we are used to saying that mathematics are a global language, well I think that this applies to music too which in a way has something to do with mathematics too. The difference though is that music besides logic is founded also on emotion. This is the instrumental album of guitarist Giorgio Rovati who wants to prove to us that logic, precision and emotions go hand in hand in music and offer us some magical moments. So, it’s time to do this review…