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KRULL Interview

Genre: Epic Metal

Country: Brazil

Questions by: Nick Parastatidis

Site: Bandcamp

1) Hello. How are you? How are things on the KRULL camp at the moment?

Luis Domingos (Vocals) : We are well, thank you, happy and looking forward to the release of our new album "The Black Coast".

2) Although the band is introduced with the EP “Metal Swords and Fire” to the metal audience, the truth is that you are quite experienced as a band. Can you tell us a few things about the story of the band so far?

L.D.: Yes, actually I am currently 38 years old, 25 are dedicated to Heavy Metal, and 20 years with my band; The band KRULL was born in mid-1998, when our first guitarist Tony Fernandes and I Luis Domingos decided to set up a Heavy Metal band during our high school years. 
In the beginning we had the fantasy name, SUPREME, but over the years, we decided to adopt the name ETERNAL FATE, which remained for a long time, in the meantime, much happened, good and not so good, we had some not so long lasting formations, and always remaining Tony Fernandes and I, recorded in 2003 our first record the Demo EP entitled "Warrior Angel", with 4 tracks, then in 2005 our second Demo EP, called "Promised Land" with 4 tracks came out. Between 2008 and 2010, we recorded our last Demo EP of studio called "Metal Swords and Fire", it got good reviews and a great repercussion on the part of the specialized media (Brazil and abroad), In 2011, we were selected by the printed magazine called Roadie Crew, (among more than 500 bands throughout Brazil), to be part of the renowned "Wacken Metal Battle Brasil 2011" festival, where we got the second place.
Also in 2011, our penultimate remnant of the band, Guitarist Tony Fernandes leaves the band to pursue his studies, where he graduated as a Journalist, a few years later (he currently resides in the United States).
In 2014 the band KRULL signed a contract with the Italian label Heart of Steel Records/Defox Records, for the release of this same EP "Metal Swords and Fire" (Remastered), to more than 100 countries.
In the same year 2014 the band changed its name from ETERNAL FATE to KRULL, due to the respect to the old members who passed through it, the new theme to be approached (Epic Metal), and to be in a new "clothes".
In 2018, the band KRULL signs a contract with German label Iron Shield Records / Pure Steel Records, for the worldwide release of our new album (CD + LP + Streaming), titled "The Black Coast", which is conceptual, based and inspired in the work of Robert E. Howard (Creator of the fictional characters Conan, Kull, Solomon Kane, among others).
The album will be released on April 27 at one of the biggest Heavy Metal festivals in the world the prestigious "Keep it True Festival".
After the launch we will do a Brazilian tour, and by the beginning of 2019, we have plans for a European tour.

3) It seems that you had a lot of trouble to find a stable line-up. Which were the reasons for this and did this difficulty ever make you think to quit?

L.D.: Certainly!! Today our biggest enemy is undoubtedly ourselves and keeping a stable lineup is very difficult.
We've had a lot of formations over the last 20 years, however good proposals are slowly coming to us, our greatest difficulty within the band has always been to maintain a stable and long-lasting line up.
Many reasons can justify this, among them is that many musicians do not have the commitment that others have, or this new generation that is coming does not have the same strength and strength of will that the older ones had, today there are many problems in the world, conflicts, wars, fights, politics, I hate talking about politics, but currently Brazil is facing a great political, social and economic crisis, many families are going through many problems here in our country (Unemployment, lack of infrastructure, a chaotic health system, lack of security, basic sanitation, education, among other social problems). This causes a lot of people to have no commitment because they put their families first and not the company, and the band is a company. I had some friends musicians who played in my band, and left the band for the simple fact of finding a job someplace else.
And I confess to you that I already thought about giving up, but I never gave myself up, I have a lot of love and passion for what I do, my life is music, it's literally stuck in my soul, and if I've come this far, in those 20 years, I do not intend to throw in the towel so soon.

4) The EP “Metal Swords and Fire” was recorded in 2008 under the name ETERNAL FATE. Why did you decide to release it again as KRULL and are there any differences between them?

L.D.: The EP, "Metal Swords and Fire", was never released, in fact it was only recorded between the years 2008 and 2010, as ETERNAL FATE, at the time when we thought about releasing it, we had some problems in our line up, and so it was stored in the drawer until 2011, when we stabilized the band again, we released it completely INDEPENDENTLY.
It was then that we managed to be selected by Impressa Roadie Crew  Magazine, to be part of the renowned festival "Wacken Metal Battle Brasil - 2011", getting second place at the festival.
In 2014, with the same EP, we received a proposal from the Italian label Heart Of Steel Records/Defox Records to make the definitive release of it. (Only in digital format).
In 2015, when we decided to change the name of the band to KRULL, due to the respect for the old members who passed through it, the new theme to be approached, the musical style we were doing, and the new lineup, we decided to do a remake, a reissue of the EP. A reissue, with the name KRULL, with an extra track, for those people who still did not know our music, the only difference between them is Capa art, but it will always be an EP, from the band ETERNAL FATE, whose continuation is KRULL, it is the same band, since I founded it in 1998, I am the only remaining member and founder of it. A band is like a family, good moments of love, but problems are always inevitable. In my band it is not different, after all who does not have problems ?? LOL

5 - How did you come up with the name KRULL? Did you take it from the cult 80’s fantasy movie?

L.D.: The name KRULL was my decision.
I do not know if you know, but I am an Indian from two ethnic groups here in Brazil, and the son of Krenak Indians, my father, and Guarani, my mother, were born in an indigenous village, they are real Indians from Brazil, proud of it.
Based on my indigenous family culture and tradition, which is rooted in my childhood, as everyone knows, I have changed the name of the band to KRULL. Also due to respect for the old members who have already passed through the band, for the new theme to be approached in the band, KRULL has several meanings, such as:
He is a mysterious obscure being, living in the forests of Brazil (according to my father and several Brazilian indigenous ethnicities), he is a mystical, mysterious and enchanted being, the ancient ancestors say, that he is the "Messenger of Death" and brings a bad omen and warns the Indians that something very bad is about to happen, echoing with their cry and song of agony, pain and terror.
KRULL, is also a pun to the name CROW, which in English means Corvo. Both have the same pronunciation, but different writing.
KRULL is also an allusion and a pun with the name in Portuguese "CRU", which in English means RAW. In Portuguese CRU.
Also a simple homage to the great master of "Sword & Sorcery", Robert E. Howard, creator of the fictional characters: Conan, Solomon Kane, and KULL, homage to the character KULL the Conqueror, KULL of Atlantida, created by Robert in 1927, he is one of the most celebrated, devastating, and violent character created by Robert, according to the tales.
KRULL is also a tribute to the 1983 Adventure, Fiction and Fantasy Movie, in which KRULL is a planet where evil and good fight.
KRULL, is also the meaning of an acronym K.R.U.L.L, meaning Knights ruthless unite league of Lucifer, hahahaha

06) You already have your debut full length album entitled “The Black Coast” finished. When will it be released and from which label?

L.D.: Yes, we already have, actually the new album titled 'The Black Coast', was released on April 27 at the renowned 'Keep it True Festival' festival (Germany).
For the German label Iron Shield Records/Pure Steel Records/SoulFood Music GMBH.

07) There is a big time gap between your debut album and the EP and also now you have a different line up. How has this affected the band’s sound? Which are the new elements that we will listen to the sound of KRULL in your debut album?

L.D.: Yes, in fact since the band's appearance in 1998, we needed 5 years to stabilize a line up that could record their first record, only in 2003, called 'Warrior Angel'.
The last EP "Metal Swords and Fire", since the release of "The Black Coast", was 8 years old. It did not really affect the sound of the band, because in the meantime everyone was busy with their side projects, and solo.
For example I with the band BRAVE, recorded an album in 2012 called "The Last Battle", and the other members recording and touring.
In this new debut album, “The Black Coast”, you will clearly notice a more evolved sound, but with the same footprint that we have always had.
A more classy, raw, and calm sound in the vein of great classic bands of the 80s.
The art of the cover will also be developed to refer back to the 80's, this is our new theme and approach in our music, to make a sound that takes us to Epic Metal, with one foot in the 80's without losing the essence of Heavy Metal, and not soar Modern.

08) How different is it to create individual songs and songs that are part of a concept story?

L.D.: It's different in every way, it's surreal and exciting.
Making songs for an album, or a simple EP, is like doing all the same things every day. (Even knowing the difficulties)
But composing an album, a totally conceptual one, which tells the story of a literary work, with its own words, is insane, is wonderful.
Creating a song, it's easy, creating a song that has feeling, life, soul, lyrics easy to assimilate, content and common sense, is not something easy.
Now creating a song with all these elements, and moreover with a story that you read and reread, and still have to write the lyrics that you will narrate in an album, it is certainly not easy, it is a double-edged sword.
You can either fuck it with the album, or get into the story.
I tried to do it this way because it was always a dream of mine, to create a plot of a story with my own words, an already existing work. I know it's a shot in the dark, but as the saying goes: "No risk taken, no snack” lol
I'm trying, somehow, if we get there where I've always longed, I'll be very happy and honored, and if we do not arrive, I'll be happy the same way, because I'll know that at least I've tried (There are people who are afraid to try). Lol

09) Brazil has some great true metal bands like GREY WOLF and HAZY HAMLET. Do you think that as a scene it draws the necessary attention from fans from all over the world? What do you think you need to do in order to help the Brazilian metal bands get more noticed? 

L.D.: Brazil is a very large country in territorial proportions. These bands that you mentioned are great friends of mine. Here in Brazil there are numerous bands and musicians within Rock / Metal. In fact Brazil is a continent, not a country, some states within Brazil, are the size of a European or Asian country, we cannot deny that SEPULTURA and SARCÓFAGO opened great doors for Brazilian bands to become famous around the world. Many foreign bands always mark their tours as Brazil on the Rota, because the public is very faithful and big here in Brazil. There are statements by bands such as IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS, METALLICA, that they report they love playing in Brazil, not only because of the huge audience, but also by the insanity, intensity, fidelity and Madness of the Brazilians. This in a way or another ends up drawing much attention from the public and metal bands from other countries.
For me, SEPULTURA and SARCÓFAGO are great Brazilian Metal bands, they made history, they recorded a page in the history of Metal World.
As well as these great bands, they later came VIPER, ANGRA, KORZUS, VULCANO, who also left their legacy throughout the world.
That's why Metal fans around the world are still interested in Brazilian Metal, because they always did it for passion, for love, for fidelity to what they set out to do.
I own a Mini Company called Steel Metal Press, it serves independent bands, and Metal musicians, we have good partnerships with several companies from several countries, including a great partnership with the Italian label Heart of Steel/DeFox Records, where I always help other younger, more independent bands, launch them to the market. I do my part helping in this way. I have many friends here in Brazil and abroad who have Stamps, Zines, Distros, Sites, who also do their part. And so on. Each one doing his part in his own way, we are stronger.

10) As a metal musician in Brazil, can you tell us which the biggest difficulties that you have to surpass in order to make your dream real are? Are the metal fans there supportive of the local scene?

L.D.: Brazil is a country very rich in its biodiversity, fauna, flora, ethnicities, mineral wealth, soil, export, and water in abundance, but the mismanagement and the bad distribution of income, added to corruption, and the money here, causes many people of power, politicians, businessmen, and other bigwigs to corrupt themselves, summing up an outdated policy, a totally flawed system, and totally soft, backward and backward laws, made by those same ones in power, the whole population, Brazil is certainly a country that had everything to be the biggest and best in the world, but we pay for the mistakes of these men who call themselves "Grandes", who wear ties and make themselves saints.
Resulting in an extremely poor country, with a very large deficit in education, Public Safety, Health, among others.
Because we know all this, and suffer from the current economic and financial situation that the country is going through, many families and people live below the poverty line. Many neighboring countries in Brazil are experiencing many difficulties and migrating to Brazil (It is not different in Europe).
Here in Brazil, there are many marvelous Heavy Metal bands, full of willpower, talent and passion for metal, many of which could be bursting around the world, but due to financial difficulties, they end up being extinguished and shut down.
The biggest difficulties that we have to face here in Brazil to make our METAL dream real, without doubt are the socio-economic (financial) problems.
Metal fans here in Brazil are very supportive of the local scene, but with a few exceptions, they prefer to support internet bands, etc and hahaha, the so-called Webbangers, hahahah
And outside the pots that are formed here, if you are not part of which you are boycotted… but this is everywhere on the planet, it is called 'Evil of man'.

11) How have the fans and press so far reacted to your music? Which was the best comment that you have received and which the most bizarre?

L.D.: The press and the specialized media have always helped us a lot, we would not have the little we do today with the band, if not for them, in those 20 years of KRULL, if it were not for the media and the press.
Elivelton, Douglas, Willy, Evandro, Luan, Lord, are fans, they have always supported us, are faithful, and have never abandoned us.
The best comment we received was from a German site / magazine called 'Metal Only', Sebastian Schwarz, better known as Blacky, a great guy, he reviewed our new album with a 10 out of 10 rating and praised it a lot, comparing it to great world-renowned bands such as ACCEPT, GRAVE DIGGER, KING DIAMOND, MAIDEN, JUDAS, and we were very happy and honored by this beautiful and great review made by him.
The most bizarre, was a fan, who went to see a show of ours once, in mid-2010, I was in a pair of tight pants, singing on stage in the city of Votorantim / São Paulo / Brazil, and when I noticed her, she had already pulled my pants down, and I was almost in my underpants, hahahaha
It was an extremely embarrassing situation for me, I confess to you, I did not know what to do at that moment, and when the song was over, I told her, in the microphone:
"Expect to end the show, and we'll talk better, behind the stage." hahahaha
People laughed and laughed a lot, and at the end of the show, she came to talk to me, she looked very drunk, with a very strong makeup, she told me:
"We can go now, I've waited for this moment all my life, I love your band, and I love you too." hahahah
But we laughed after that, and had some beers together, but there was nothing more between us, just friendship, we took photos, we signed her records, and that's it.
(I hope my wife does not read this interview, I don’t want to be single by the end of this interview) hahaha

12) I like the south American metal scene and the Brazilian one very much. So can you suggest any other bands from there that deserve our attention? 

L.D.: How cool, Nick!!! Yes, I could, it would be a pleasure and an honor for me.
Come on then, there are several wonderful Brazilian bands, which I've heard a lot, and I like a lot too.
Already in South America, we have the guys from THUNDERLORD from Chile, COBRA from Peru, REVENGE from Colombia, and so many other great names that I do not remember now.

13) Thanks for your time answering my questions. The epilogue of this interview belongs to you and please use it in any way

L.D.: Thank you very much Nick and Behind the Veil, We are very grateful to you and your entire team for giving up this space for us to be published and show our humble 20-year job.
Thank you very much indeed, to all of you, to all the public, brothers and sisters Bangers from all over Greece, and from all over the world, thank you very much, we would be nothing without you.
Thank you guys!! See you on the road!! Hail & Kill!!!
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