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Answers: Deryck Heignum
1. Hello! How are you? How are things over there?

Hey Nick!  I'd like to start off by thanking you for your support over the years.  I felt like I've done much of my work in a vacuum and without your support it would of been tough to get a bearing or satisfaction in what I'm doing.  Obviously I haven't been motivated by great commercial success so a critical ear and intelligent feedback has meant a great deal.  A lot of these guys with the Youtube channels claim to be about the underground but are really just straight up posers who won't give you the time of the day unless you can get them a lot of hits.  Hail to you for really working hard for the metal underground and giving us a pulse!

2. Let us get to the point of this interview. How and when did you decide to form STORMLURKER? What do you want to achieve with this band?

About a year ago I decided to do something extremely heavy and I found a bass player named Stan Martell who's a genius producer/engineer who hooked me up with a great drummer named Austin Lane.  I wanted to create something very unique, dark, and heavy with all the old school elements I love while not sounding dated or like I was a derivative of another band which is unfortunately what I hear all the time.  Perhaps that's the path to success though? When people can immediately categorize something they seem to be more engaged by it.
3. Can you tell us who the other band members of the band are? Did they also participate in NORSELAW or in any other band?

So it's myself (Deryck Heignum), Stan Martell, and Austin Lane.  None of them have worked previously with NORSELAW.

4. I like the name of the band and especially the “Lurker” part has something that sounds a bit threatening in a way that H.P. Lovecraft made these words sound threatening. So, how did you come up with the band name and what does it mean to you?

Like any decent metal head I'm kind of a loner and I now live in Florida where it storms five times a day. So being a Lovecraft fan I'm sure that was there subconsciously but I more envisioned it as me lurking in the storm waiting to destroy posers with a tasty guitar solo.

5. How long did it take you to compose all the songs included in “A Dark Formation”? Are all compositions yours or have the other members of the band also contributed?

It took about a couple of months for me to write the songs and record the guitar and vocals at home. Then when I took it to Stan it took about 8 more months as the jobs don't pay much here and I've had to really save to get into the studio. Stan was big on the production end but I wrote all the songs. 
6. How would you describe your sound and which elements in your music do you thing make you stand out?

I'd say it's a combination of traditional and thrash. Those are my two favorite sub-genres and I think what makes them stand out is when you listen I don't think any band comes to mind and both the heaviness and production are astounding. Also, along with being very heavy the songs are catchy and stick with you.  Or I hope that they do lol
7. Who writes the lyrics in the band? Can you tell us which the lyrical theme of each song that you have included in your new album is? 

I write the lyrics.  The first song "Stormlurker" is about this poser I once knew who........just kidding.  It's about being a metal head at its core in not compromising and not yielding to society.  It's about strength. That gained from disassociation from the herd.
Song 2- "Bane of Giants" is about big capital's stranglehold on us here in the USA.  How we're all being pushed into poverty and how "only cowards remain compliant" to that mode of thinking and to the Gestapo like police state where they run around and kill us daily. 
Song 3-"No Masters but One" is about someone gaining strength from a demonic entity.  Just in time for CHRISTMAS!! HAHAHA!!
Song 4-  "Terrible Cities" is how I believe there's less variation from city to city now with all the wealth going to the top.  I mean who has time for self expression when we're all a bunch of slaves?  So it's about how bad the USA sucks ass.
Song 5- "Modron Nights"-I was wasted one night and looking up Dungeons and Dragons characters and came upon the "modrons" who are geometric shapes with humanoid limbs without regard for good or evil. To me they represented the automaton mindless population of the United States and how much I hate them and enslaved by them.  I have a lyric "here by the sea" as when I get on the beach at night with my wolf listening to heavy metal and drinking heavily I feel like I escape them for the moment.  I live the heavy metal life for certain. 

8. Is STORMLURKER a band or a studio project?  I mean do you plan to create music with this band on a constant basis?

It's a band and I plan to keep it going as I feel we've tapped into something pretty dark and majestic.  The Shaquille O'neil of metal. 

9. Which is the future of NORSELAW? Will you continue doing music in the epic metal way or STORMLURKER is the end of NORSELAW? 

I'm sure I'll get back to NORSELAW eventually but right now the heaviness consumes me. 
10. Will you publish the album of STORMLURKER on CD or will it be only for digital downloading?

Once I get the money or a label says they'll put it out I'll make physical copies.  A very talented guy named Joel Sanchez Rosales is working on the album artwork.  He also designed the logo.  As soon as they're available you shall have one Nick!

11. You are a person with political awareness. So, how do you see things in the U.S. and around world? Do you think that we need a change of politics in order to protect the human rights? How can we succeed that?

I think massive solidarity amongst workers is the only way we change things. Our country is so individualistic in terms of work that the corporations have effectively divided and conquered.  I guess the idiots who live here decided being a unique and interesting person coincided being powerless in the work place and bought in.  Only they aren't unique or interesting.  Just a bunch of slaves.  Imagine a bunch of poor people and cops running around with guns everywhere hoping they can shoot each other while adhering to a corporate owned democracy.  That's the USA. 

12. I would like to thank you for your time answering my questions. Wish you the best of luck. Please close the interview in any way you like…

In closing I'd like to say that I'm not going to quit making the heaviest and most unique metal possible.  If none of you bastards in the industry give me a look then beware.  For the sky may begin to darken.  The grey clouds begin to roll and then in a flash of lightning you see something LURKING in the STORM.  Well my friend, that something is ME!!!  And then.......................................................I KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!   

Nick  “Verkaim”  Parastatidis

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