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MENTAL DISASTER - Raping the Symbol of Humanity Review

MENTAL DISASTER - Raping the Symbol of Humanity
Oh yes!!! It’s the nice part of the day when you pick a nice envelope coming all the way from Norway and you got the feeling that your CD stereo is going to be destroyed yet full of quality tunes, on the other hand!!!

FALSE CODA – Secrets and Sins Review

FALSE CODA – Secrets and Sins
Well, progressive metal as a term makes me suspicious, not because I am narrow minded, but most of the bands that claim to play such kind of music end up showing off their skills and their albums mostly apply to people that want to learn an instrument or evolve on that. Personally, I belong to the big part we call metal audience without much knowledge on musical theory. So, the basic element for me to like a song is to offer me something that will make me feel or think (if those 2 can be combined then things are even better).

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Τρίτη, 24 Ιανουαρίου 2017

HELION PRIME signs with AFM!

Sacramento (California) based "science based power metal" band HELION PRIME is the newest addition to the AFM roster. The group, founded by guitarist Jason Ashcraft, is active since 2014 and issued a self-released debut CD in 2016.

RHAPSODY OF FIRE return with new line-up and a very special release!

After announcing their new line-up recently (the addition of new vocalist Giacomo Voli and drummer Manu Lotter), Italian symphonic power metal kings RHAPSODY OF FIRE are now working on their upcoming release, which will be a 75 minutes long album revisiting a selection of songs written and produced during the 5 first years of the Rhapsody Era (1997-2002).

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SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION – New Rhythm Guitar Parts Review

Demo 2016
Well, the presentation of this release comes also with a feeling of nostalgia. I had presented the previous 2 demos of SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION when I was younger and of course the webzine was at its first years of existence. So, I was really happy to see that the band is still active and I was also intrigued to see how the band sounds these days.

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RIFFOCITY will release debut album on March 2017

The debut album of Greek Thrashers RIFFOCITY will be released on March 2017 through the French label Soman Records. The album was mixed & mastered by Bob Katsionis at Sound Symmetry Studio. You can preorder your copy here.

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HANIWA – Helleven Review

HANIWA – Helleven
Qua Rock Records
HANIWA come from Florentine, Italy and I think that this is their first studio album.  As a band they might be a new one, but the three musicians that are part of HANIWA have a long experience with other bands that were moving in the wide spectrum of metal and rock music. I think that all these experiences led them to create the sound of HANIWA.

Τρίτη, 17 Ιανουαρίου 2017

Italian Traditional Heavy Metal newcomers SLEAZER join INFERNÖ Records

Sleazer was founded in late 2011 and now proposes a Heavy Metal music influenced by mid 80’s and early 90’s bands like Iron Maiden, Savatage, Running Wild, Savage Grace, Dokken, Judas Priest, W.A.S.P. and early Blind Guardian ; so in a old school style between Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Hair Metal , winking at the new “traditional” Heavy Metal bands like Skull Fist, Enforcer, Striker and Cauldron.

Serbian Speed-Metal all-girl band JENNER signed to INFERNÖ Records

Formed in December 2013, JENNER are the only all-girl Metal band from the Belgrade area and in spite of their young age, they're showing a high potential & great abilities in delivering high-quality Heavy-Speed Metal !!!

They had released a two-song demo in 2015, already showing great professionalism & technical abilities ! After weeks of intense hard work, they have recorded their first full-length album called "To Live Is To Suffer" that will soon be released on INFERNÖ Records

TANKARD unveil new album details

Legendary German alcohol soaked thrash metal act TANKARD are currently working on the follow up to their highly acclaimed 2014 album, »R.I.B.«. The guys entered Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf with producer Martin Buchwalter (DESTRUCTION, ACCUSER, PERZONAL WAR, SUIDAKRA, etc.) earlier this month. Guitars, bass and drums are already done - at the moment, Gerre is lending his voice to the soundtrack for their 35th anniversary!

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AVATARIUM - working on their third studio album!

Sweden's doom darlings AVATARIUM have entered the Gröndahl studio and currently work on a follow-up to their highly acclaimed second album »The Girl With The Raven Mask«. This third brainchild will include eight new tracks and is scheduled to see the light of day in spring 2017.

Desert Near The End False Coda The Silent Rage Defision Σάββατο 22 Απριλίου 2017

Desert Near The End
False Coda
The Silent Rage

Σάββατο 22 Απριλίου 2017
Modu Club, Οδυσσέως 14 & Κολωνού 76, Αθήνα

Είσοδος: 7€
Προπώληση Εισιτηρίων:
Modu, Viva.gr (και στα φυσικά σημεία μέσω του δικτύου Viva: EKO, BP, Metro & My Market, Public, Shell, Seven Spots, Ianos, Reload, Media Markt) και μέσω των συγκροτημάτων 

Οι πόρτες ανοίγουν στις 19:30 – Ώρα έναρξης: 20:00

*Οι πρώτοι 50 παρευρισκόμενοι θα λάβουν με την είσοδο τους στο χώρο ένα 4-way split CD με κομμάτια από τα σχήματα που συμμετέχουν*

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ABSORB –Vision Apart Review

ABSORB –Vision Apart
GlobMetal Promotions
ABSORB’s story is a story of struggle and perseverance. Why am I saying this? Because the band was originally formed in 1989, so this makes it one of the first extreme bands to appear in the worldwide metal scene. However, due to reasons unknown to me they never managed to surface or release anything other than a couple of demos and a split work and then they called it a day. Their hiatus lasted long, approximately thirteen years, but the fact is that they have never really given up and in 2007 they reformed. Something that resulted in the release of their long overdue debut full length work, “Dealing with Pain”, that came in 2010.

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NWoBHM Cult Act MYTHRA To Release New Album In April

On April 28, 2017, British Heavy Metal veterans MYTHRA will release a brand new studio album entitled "Still Burning". The album will be available as a vinyl LP, CD and digital download, and will be released via High Roller Records. "It's the first time the band has gone into the studio and recorded a complete album all in one go. We flew out to Poland in October 2016 to work with Bart Gabriel as producer. It was a superb experience and we all had a great time working with him.  We were totally blown away when High Roller Records signed us to record the album and cannot thank them enough. Their support has been incredible!" says MYTHRA vocalist, Vince High. "We intended to stay true to our NWoBHM roots and achieved our goal. The eleven tracks have tons of power and energy, twin lead guitar breaks, driving bass, thunderous drums and big choruses. Everything fans would expect from a MYTHRA album", he adds. The album's cover artwork was painted by Roberto Toderico, Italian artist known for his previous collaboration with MYTHRA, as well as with other notable NWoBHM acts such as TYGERS OF PAN TANG and QUARTZ.